History and culture

...A casa nostra there is room for art, painting and photography and they are welcome. That which is born from human skills is a gift for all of us! Music also has a suggestive character: piano, guitar, sax, the sound of sea, records and CD's attend our days and nights, without disturbing. You can take time to read a good book, the choice is vast. Board games or solitary games and corners full of ancient memories  allow for relaxing moments and distraction. Our hill is beautiful, to be discover and rediscovered. Nature walks and paths are “a must”.
From here you can easily reach the castles of Canossa and Rossena, Petrarch’s Temple, Pianzo and others enchanting sites of historical interest. For those who love small country churches and the voice of God, you can hear from here! We are near the Enza river (3 km). In the area there are natural parks, where you can book horse rides. On your excursions you may see free, docile animals of every kind.. Restaurants, markets, country and culture festivals enrich our day, without forgetting the historical re-enactment of Matilde di Canossa, an awaited and very suggestive event.